Boarding / Kennel Services

We know pets can become part of the family and are like our children. If you have to leave them behind during a trip or outing, they deserve to stay in a place where they are safe and cared for. Our kennel attendants treat every animal in their care as if they are their own. We provide loving care, supervised, individual outdoor time, and plenty of attention to keep them active and happy. If your pet is in need of medication or has a prescription diet, we will gladly administer it to them.

Our kennels feature a variety of accommodations for your dogs or cats including luxury boarding areas, cat condos, large family runs, and more.

Boarding Charges (per night):

We offer Sunday boarding pick-up between 5:00 and 6:00 PM for your convenience for only a half day charge.

Cat Boarding $18.58
Cat Suite $26.15 ($18.58 for 2nd cat)
Cat Condo $21.69 ($18.58 for 2nd cat)
Family Runs $34.21 for 1st dog, additional dog(s) $22.29
Luxury Runs $47.55 for 1st dog, additional dog(s) $22.29
Small dog cage $22.29
Large dog cage $24.09
Dog run $26.40

Day Boarding Prices:

Luxury Run $20.79
Canine $8.02
Feline $5.95

For more information about our boarding services and accommodations for cats and dogs, please contact our office or click here.